Artisan Christmas Pudding

Full of natural goodness
Reduced sugar

As your very first customer at the Garnett’s Farm Christmas market, I can truly say that this was one of the best Christmas Puds that I have ever tasted. Will need one for next year. Keep up the excellent work. Thank you.

L Edwards, Essex

LillyPuds Christmas Puddings are brought to you from a small family producer based in East Anglia.  It all started as a dream with puddings simply just being made for friends and family.  Alison Lilly, the founder of LillyPuds, decided it was time to live her foodie dream and to share the pudding love.  The dream is now a reality – Ali’s wish is to bring a healthier, fruity, scrumptiously light pudding to enjoy during the festive season and to restore the faith in our Great British Christmas Pudding tradition.


Our pudding ingredients are carefully selected, mixed in small batches and steamed to produce a delicious pudding to complement any Christmas meal.

Tasting is believing… say goodbye to the dark, heavy, stodgy Christmas pudding so often not enjoyed.   Instead enjoy a LillyPuds Christmas pudding – with reduced sugar, our pudding is a healthier delight!  We hope you love our pudding as much as we do.  Merry Christmas and happy munching!

The “Not Just for Christmas Pudding”!! Puddings are available all year round just click on the “Order Now” below.
Christmas Pudding

LillyPuds Christmas Pudding

Our LillyPuds pudding is scrumptiously light and easy to eat, packed with delicious Christmas flavours.  Our LillyPuds is blended with Chockwork Orange beer from the Brentwood Brewing Company and laced with brandy.

LillyPuds Gluten Free Christmas Pudding

The LillyPuds gluten free pudding is scrumptiously light and easy to eat, packed with delicious Christmas flavours.  Our LillyPuds is blended with Gluten Free Ale from the St Peter’s Brewery in Suffolk and is laced with brandy.

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No artificail sweeters and preservatives

Just had Christmas Pudding. OMG! It was amazing.  SS, Essex
My family absolutely raved about it, we’ll definitely be putting an order in next year! SN, London
It was the best pudding I have ever had! Julie, Braintree
I don’t even like Christmas pudding and I loved it! LS, Chelmsford


About Me!

It’s so often heard but I do have a real passion for wholesome food!  It doesn’t have to be complicated, fussy or difficult to understand – just natural, healthy and a pleasure to eat. I believe in a balanced diet and one which does include foods sometimes deemed unhealthy, for example butter because it’s natural, not man made.  Hence, my wish to bring you a Christmas pudding that is full of natural products and one that you will enjoy eating at the end of your Christmas meal.  I have reduced the added sugar content – there’s enough sugar in the fruit to sweeten the taste! 

I enjoy the simple things in life and spending time in unspoilt places – send me out into the wilds any time rather than the city!    I love being surrounded by and enjoying times with my family and friends.  I am so lucky to have a fantastic supportive husband, Rod, and 3 amazing children, Joanna, Jessica and James who are all now married to the equally wonderful John, Alastair and Kirstie. So far we have been blessed with one grandson, Henry, who is a complete joy.

I really hope you enjoy your Christmas LillyPud and I sincerely thank you for supporting me in my quest to bring you my festive treat.

Forthcoming Events

2017 Tastings and Introductions

LillyPuds welcomes the opportunity to present our award winning puddings with tastings.   If our products are of interest or if you would like to reserve a date for a tasting event in 2017, please give us a call or drop us a note using the contact details below.

Essex Festival of Food Drink

July 15th and 16th 2017
Cressing Temple Barns

Come and find LillyPuds in the A Taste of Anglia marquee where we will be showcasing our new products.

Why not delight your Christmas diners.  Make a scrumptious LillyPuds Christmas Pudding part of your Christmas menu.  Individual 120g puddings are available in cases of 48 puds, all made to the same recipe.

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